Masakazu Tachibana Recital Review

Sapporo flutist Masakazu Tachibana proved once again that one need not be in Paris, Berlin, or New York to hear a world-class flute recital. Mr. Tachibana’s September 12th Italian themed program was adventurous, entertaining, inventive, and spectacularly well performed. The repertoire for the evening was:

Eduardo di Capua – O Sole Mio (arranged for flute and piano)
J.S. Bach – Italian Concerto (arranged for flute and piano)
Gary Schocker – Piccolo Italiano
Jun-Ichiro Taku – Carnival of Venice
Gabriel Faure – Siciliano
Luciano Berio – Sequenza I
Stravinsky – Pulcinella Suite (arranged for flute and piano)

The program opened with Mr. Tachibana showcasing his beautiful, full sound and expressive lyricism. His range of tone color and dynamics was masterful, and the ensemble with accompanist Mariko Kaneko was impeccable. The true show of Mr. Tachibana’s performance prowess came with the Gary Schocker and Jun-Ichiro Taku selections. He dressed the part of an Italian dandy, and treated the audience to humorous interpretation, beatboxing, moonwalking, and fluting while doing the limbo, all on top of a formidable, jaw-dropping technical wizardry on flute and piccolo alike.

This was a recital I will not soon forget. It was more than a flute recital or flute performance. It was truly performance art. If you do not know the name Masakazu Tachibana or his playing, you SHOULD!!

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