NFA 2016 in Review

National Flute Association conventions are always an invigorating four days filled with wonderful performances, learning opportunities, exhibits, and friendships – new and old.  Where else can one hear Baroque flute, beatbox, klezmer, and jazz all in the same day?  …or be introduced to the astonishing youngsters of tomorrow, brimming with technical facility and artistic passion, on the same program one pays tribute to such venerable luminaries as the 93-year Bill Hebert, former piccoloist of the Cleveland Orchestra?

I look at the above photo, and smile.  …two of my favorite people – David Straubinger (Straubinger Flutes) and Paul Chang (Ochres Music).  As with so many others I saw at the convention, my path crossed with these two, and was changed forever for the better.  Every year, there are new flutes, new innovations, new compositions.  But the foundation of it all is a shared history with the many flutists – friends and colleagues – that make an indelible mark on your music and your life.

Flutology Blog!

It’s that time of year again – the countdown to NFA!  Only this year, we have the added anticipation of launching our website to coincide with the usual excitement, frenzy, and flutistic flights of fancy associated with the convention.  Just as the convention is a journey, so too, we expect this blog and this website to be journeys.  We are beyond excited to share this journey with you as we step into the larger realm of the world wide web flute community.  So with flute in hand, and music in the soul, we take this next step.

See you in San Diego and beyond!