Overhauls represent the most comprehensive level of maintenance routinely required for flutes and piccolos.  Depending upon many factors (frequency of use, skin acidity levels, finger touch, etc.), overhauls are recommended between every 6 and 10 years.  Generally speaking, if your flute needs three or more pads replaced, and is not holding its adjustments, it may be time for an overhaul.   Minor mechanical remediation, if needed, is also addressed at the time of an overhaul.
When a flute first arrives for overhaul, it is subjected to a thorough assessment of its mechanical fitness.  Any refitting of the tenon joints, or of the mechanism to eliminate binding/play is done as part of the overhaul process, as is the removal of minor dents.  Soldering of ribs, toneholes, and spuds are checked.  Loose spuds will be re-soldered, but loose ribs or upped toneholes are major mechanical repairs beyond the general scope of an overhaul.
Following full disassembly, including pulling of pins, all consumable materials (pads, corks, felts, etc.) are discarded.  The entire instrument is cleaned, polished, and the mechanism oiled.  The headjoint cork is replaced, all toneholes leveled, and new stabilizers and Straubinger pads installed.*  Pads are shimmed for a 360 degree seal, all cork and felt adjustments are replaced, and spring tension is regulated for an even feel under the fingers.
The flute is allowed to settle, and is thoroughly play tested prior to return.  When you receive your flute back from an overhaul, it will look, feel, and respond as it did when new.  We offer a complimentary replacement value appraisal with each overhaul.
Our 2019 Flute Overhaul price is JP¥110,000 inclusive.  (Piccolo JP¥80,000)
*Thin pressed pad overhauls, installed with stabilizers, are available upon request.  We never use inferior woven felt pads.