A Traditional Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) is generally recommended every year.  It is a routine maintenance, like changing the oil in a car, that keeps your instrument functioning at its peak, allowing you to perform at yours.
Upon arrival for a COA, the flute is play tested and assessed for pad seal and proper adjustment between keys.  The flute is then fully disassembled, including pulling of pins, cleaned, polished, and the mechanism oiled.  The headjoint cork is replaced, pads are shimmed for a 360 degree seal, key adjustments are made, and spring tension is regulated.  The replacement of one pad is included in the base cost of a COA.  Two further pads may be replaced at an additional charge.  If the flute requires more than three pads changed, it’s time for either a COA+ or an overhaul.
Once the flute has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted, it is allowed to settle, then thoroughly play tested prior to return.  When you receive your flute back from a COA, it will feel easy and responsive again, without any annoying, technique inhibiting leaks or mal-adjustments.  It should simply feel fun to play again.
Our 2019 COA price is JP¥30,000 inclusive.