Karen does fantastic work!!!  So easy to work with, too.  Highest caliber, highest quality… can’t ask for more.  Plus, love this headjoint photo on the home page… it’s my own sweet flute, all shiny and new again.  Thank you for your awesome work on my sweet baby.

Elaine H.

We would like to publicly thank Flutology Lab for donating $100 to our studio!  🙂

University of Dayton Flute Studio

Your overhaul on my Yamaha 581 was absolutely fantastic!!  I had actually given up lessons after a year of a serious effort to improve.  I had come to the conclusion that it was me…not the flute that kept me from advancing and the ability to make clear and beautiful sound. I was giving this poor ole flute one last chance in bringing music to life with this overhaul. Well, I was shocked to hear the difference after you had worked on the flute!!!!!  I am just so happy!!!! The sound just thrilled me to the core!

D. Hill